Trextel Statement Concerning Covid-19 (Coronavirus)


In keeping with Trextel’s corporate values and dedication to providing the best possible service to its Customers, we are issuing an updated statement regarding the current COVID-19 global pandemic.


Trextel Statement Concerning Covid-19 (Coronavirus)As part of the telecommunications and information technology systems industry, Trextel qualifies as an "Essential Business or Operation" within the definition outlined by the CISA Guidance on Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers.


This clarification means we are able to continue providing  critical, quality support for our customers during this quarantine period.  Ensuring the well-being of our staff while providing the top-quality service our customers have come to expect remains our top priority during this period. Trextel’s executive leadership team seamlessly transitioned the majority of its workforce to a remote  model and has assisted other companies in transitioning as well. We are taking extra precautions to maintain a clean and healthy facility, including providing masks and gloves for employees in our staging, configuration and shipping areas.


The key elements of Trextel’s current process include:  

  • Daily thorough disinfecting of our facility to minimize any risk of contamination
  • Leverage all existing cloud technologies to ensure full range of business motion
  • Ongoing remote access for the majority of employees
  • Ongoing vendor communication & coordination
  • Staffing plans for maintaining critical operations 


Communication and collaboration is more important now than ever. Our support teams are available to answer any questions and help however we can.