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Managed Internet Backup

Reliable, consistent connectivity is more important now than ever, which is why many businesses, from small to enterprise, have started implementing a wide-range of backup solutions.

To support the growing demand, one of the top Network Service Providers recently rolled out an Internet Backup Program as a product offering to millions of subscribers. This NSP needed a software-focused connectivity provider with the ability to monitor, ticket and alert on runaway cellular data at scale.

The goal was to mitigate costs and increase revenue margins with a speed to market that would address current market trends and demands.

Their Challenges

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Cellular networks are noisy and can inundate support staff with irrelevant alerts due to flapping and other cellular behaviors.  They needed to reduce IT footprint, not increase.

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Custom integrations geared towards cellular monitoring of not just one, but dual carrier support can be costly and time consuming, or simply not supported by most connectivity software products.

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The software solution needed to be scalable for high volume rollout for speed to market and speed to revenue.

Why Trextel?

NSP partnered with Trextel to leverage IntelliTrex, a network management platform with a cellular grading algorithm and unique reporting centered around eliminating runaway data. Additionally, NSP was able to leverage IntelliTrex integrations with internal systems, their OEM and one of the largest broadband aggregators to go from concept to billing customers with remarkable speed. Typical timeframes for similar projects without native integrations are approximately 18 months, this was reduced to 2 months through a partnership with Trextel.

Trextel drives multi-channel impact

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of aggregated ISPs & Integrations 

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Support for millions of NSP customers

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Increased speed to market and revenue actualization

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Runaway data