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A top global Network Service Provider (NSP) offers SD-WAN solutions for customers to improve network agility, centralize control and improve the total-cost of ownership.  Partnering with a software focused connectivity provider that offers the same level of agility was key for the NSP to maintain speed to market and speed to revenue.

The NSP originally selected an alternate partner, however, their inability to address the cellular monitoring needs for a big box home improvement retailer meant the NSP would have to find another source capable of addressing that key component of the project.

Their Challenges

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The NSP's customer, a big box home improvement retailer, needed monitoring of cellular circuits and ticketing integrated with their helpdesk.

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Integrations often lead to lengthy customizations that slow speed to market or simply are not an option with larger companies that lack the ability to solve individual customer needs.

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Large software rollouts with multiple connectivity models and differing levels of integration can be difficult to scale and costly.

Why Trextel?

The NSP partnered with Trextel, leveraging IntelliTrex, a network management platform designed for real-time connectivity. IntelliTrex integrates directly with networks to connect the devices, service providers, and manufacturers needed to do business. Because IntelliTrex offers native integrations with core NSP products and end-user help desks, Trextel can rapidly deploy the software at scale for wired, wireless and cellular network configurations, increasing speed to revenue for the NSP from the home improvement retailer's circuits.

Trextel drives multi-channel impact

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Single point of contact
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Sites brought online in 3 weeks

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Increased speed to market and revenue actualization

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Integration for monitoring support