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A leading global Network Service Provider (NSP) was contracted to provide basic monitoring a National medical care provider. Solution components included a mix of NSP and Broadband Aggregation, yet the NSP only had the ability to monitor their own circuits, not the thousands of ISPs with different back-ends necessary to meet the customer’s need. The NSP needed a software focused connectivity provider that could not only monitor their circuits, but the thousands of disparate ISPs that were contractually consolidated to provide end-user customers with a single bill.
Due to the medical components with their customer, the NSP also had to provide a secure, scalable, and simplified infrastructure with increased network uptime.

Their Challenges

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Network performance is dramatically increased with broadband aggregation for failover solutions, however that enhancement comes with added management complexities.

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Integrating with thousands of ISP back-ends is time consuming and costly for NSPs, many of which would not allow other providers direct access. Agnostic partners remove the need for customized access.

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In this use-case, scale of providers is the challenge. Consolidating multiple ISPs for single source monitoring solution.

Why Trextel?

The NSP partnered with Trextel to leverage IntelliTrex, a network management platform which natively integrates with one of the largest broadband aggregators. This allowed the NSP to provide a simplified monitoring infrastructure for increased uptime and a better client experience. The holistic approach to network monitoring led the medical care customer to upgrade their monitoring program for additional insights and reporting. The added value IntelliTrex was able to provide the end-user, and by proxy the NSP, led to additional revenue gains for the NSP and a stronger relationship with their client, who has partnered with both their NSP and Trextel for the past 9 years

Trextel drives multi-channel impact

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of aggregated ISPs & Integrations
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Single provider for disparate monitoring

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Increased customer bandwidth, speed to market and revenue actualization

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Opportunity for the NSP to recognize additional revenue through upgradable insights